Welcome to Cape Town Flying Club

Cape Town Flying Club is based at the Cape Town International Airport, Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town is one of the most picturesque cities in the world with a Mediterranean style climate, making it the perfect place to enjoy flying.

Cape Town Flying Club is a SACAA Approved Training Organisation and PPL & Instructor Examination Centre.   The club offers Aircraft Hire and all forms of pilot training including:

  • Private Pilot Licences
  • Commercial Pilot Licenses
  • Night Ratings
  • Instrument Ratings
  • Instructor Ratings
  • Multi-Engine Ratings
  • Foreign License Validations
CTFC Club House

Cape Town Flying Club offers a wide variety of memberships catering for General Aviation enthusiasts to Professional Pilots.

Cape Town Flying Club’s Mission Statement

  • Make aviation accessible, affordable and fun to all.

  • Achieve the highest standard of flying.

  • Conduct General Aviation in a safety conscious environment.

  • Ensure good airmanship through continuous learning.

Do you want to experience the magic of flight?

Ever wondered what it is like to pilot an aircraft?

At Cape Town Flying Club we offer Introductory Flights allowing you to get a taste of what it’s like to get behind the controls of a light aircraft.  You will experience what it is like to fly from an International Airport while following instructions from Air Traffic control and looking out for Commercial Airliners… all while manipulating the controls under the watchful eye of your Flight Instructor.

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