“The flight was incredible in every way! If it was not the breathtaking oceanic and mountainous views as seen through the clear canopy, then it was the pure thrill of being engulfed in the sensation of pulling G’s! What I initially anticipated to be an intro flight, materialised into a series of jaw-dropping manoeuvres and sequences – some of which I even got to have a go at myself. Simply put: a terrifyingly beautiful rollercoaster which I had wished never ended.

As a PPL holder, I found a great sense of privilege being able to feel what it is like to have access to a plane with so much power and speed. To my astonishment, juxtaposed to its beastly engine the controls seemed to require a particular level of finesse.

Hands down one of the best, if not the best experience of my life! 

Special mention should also be made of the two instructors involved: Iain for his kind and reassuring nature – taking the time to patiently run me through some of the flight logistics, and Leigh for taking me on the flight of my life and for all the added humour along the way. Both instructors have a wealth of knowledge and are of such genuine and humble nature; an absolute 10/10 experience all round!

Would I fly it again? Absolutely!”

Xtreme Air XA42 SBach Air Experience Video