Dear Members,

As you are all aware, Cape Town Flying Club and 4 Aviators entered into a partnership last year in an effort to assist both parties to promote flight training in the Cape Town area. However, after a meeting that took place on 19 February, it was agreed that the two entities would separate and continue to function independently of each other. The directors of 4 Aviators have secured premises on the field and have set up an independent flight school. Two of our instructors, namely Gerhard Mew and Christiaan Strauss, have decided to leave and we wish them every success in their new venture.

We are pleased to report that we will continue with the joint sharing of the leased aircraft although CMS will only be leased to us until 19 March in terms of the lease agreement. We encourage students who are training on this aircraft to convert onto another aircraft during the period mentioned and to discuss cost effective rates directly with your instructor and the club management.

While on the subject of aircraft, we would like to update the members with the following information:

JNN, a Piper Cherokee 140, has completed its inspection and we are awaiting the CAA certificate to put the aircraft back on the flight line. KBK, a Piper Warrior 160, is ready to fly as soon as the documents have been received from CAA. JGJ, a Piper Warrior 150, is currently available to fly, and once FXK, a C150, is back from MPI it will also be available to fly. PIB, a Piper Tomahawk, continues to be available to us as per the lease agreement. We are currently looking to purchase and lease additional aircraft to complement our fleet. The rest of our fleet is available namely KKE, a Piper Archer, and MLE, a Cessna 172, as per their lease agreements. The Beech Bonanza, XAM, is also still available for advanced training.

Cape Town Flying Club has a rich history and is a well-known, respected flying school in Cape Town. We are a proudly autonomous organization with an excellent training and safety record. We have alumni that fly all over the world and all are proud to lend credibility to our exceptional training facility.

We continue to offer a certified simulator, an examination centre, individual briefing rooms, enthusiastic and experienced instructors and a strong mentorship program for the up and coming students. Apart from training, we are in the unique position to offer a lovely little internal coffee shop as well as social and club activities. We will continue to operate within our own infrastructure, drawing on the experience of all those acquainted with the club. We are so fortunate to be able to fly in the beautiful Cape, from an international airport, with marvellous instructors and members.

We assure all our members that we are flying more hours than ever before and we are going from strength to strength. Our current management comes with a wealth of experience in business and aviation and we are so fortunate to have their expertise on the ground.

We thank you all for your patience during this transition and assure you all that the Club is financially sound to continue independently.