Mastering the radio during your flight training can often be a daunting task.   We’ve all been there, and believe me it will get easier with practice!

The following steps can be helpful to make uncontrolled radio transmissions also known as TIBA calls (Traffic Information Broadcast to other Aircraft).  Below is an example of how these steps can be used during a radio call in uncontrolled airspace:

Aircraft:  Traffic on (Frequency i.e. 124.80 etc. or D200 if you are in the General Flying Area)

  1. Who am I? EXP
  2. What am I? A Piper Cherokee
  3. Where am I? Overhead Rietvlei
  4. How high am I? at 1500’
  5. What are my intentions? Routing north along the coast to the D200

Any conflicting traffic please acknowledge EXP.

You can also use the same structure when making initial contact with the control tower on your return back to controlled airspace.

Let us look at an example where you are returning back to Cape Town international airport via the Northern slopes of the Bottelary hills:

Aircraft: Cape Town Tower ZS-EXP with information echo good afternoon

FACT Tower: EXP Cape Town Tower transmit


  1. EXP,
  2. a Cherokee,
  3. overhead the Northern slopes of the Bottelary hills,
  4. at 1500’squack 3456,
  5. for joining and landing.

Through continued practice you will soon sound like a confident professional pilot when making your radio calls.

Keep practicing and safe landings!

controlled radio transmissions
uncontrolled radio transmissions
uncontrolled radio transmissions