Night Rating

A Night Rating is an excellent first stepping stone for you as a PPL holder intent on improving your qualifications. It will enable you to fly at night in VMC (Visual Meteorological Conditions), and serves as an introduction to the basics of Instrument flight.

In order to obtain a night rating you will be required to pass one theoretical examination and a practical flight test. The training syllabus include the following:

  • 5 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction
  • 10 hours of instrument instruction, of which not more than 5 hours may be accumulated in an approved Flight Simulation Training Device
  • not less than 5 take-offs and five landings by night as pilot manipulating the controls of the aircraft whilst under dual instruction
  • a dual cross-country flight by night consisting of at least a total distance of not less than 150 NM in the course of which full-stop landings at two different aerodromes away from base are made.

The choices below indicate formal flight training options:

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