Instructor Rating

An Instructor Rating must be obtained by any pilot with a CPL who wishes to give flying instruction. Several of the instructors at Cape Town Flying Club were trained at the club, and have remained with or returned to the club to share their knowledge with a new generation of aviators. Instruction is hard work, but it can be extremely rewarding. It requires not only a good ability to communicate and a high degree of patience, but, as many of our instructors will testify, the ability to sit back and let the student get on with it.

Intructor Ratings are divided into different grades with Grade 3 being the entry level, Grade 2 being the intermediate level and Grade 1 being the advanced level.

In order to obtain a Grade 3 Instructor Rating you will need to hold a CPL, complete a theoretical training course and complete a minimum of 20 hours of flight instructor patter. You will need to pass a theoretical exam on the following subjects:

  • Airlaw,
  • Aplied Meteorology,
  • Applied Navigation,
  • Principles of Flight and Flight Instruction

The choices below indicate formal flight training options:

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