The long awaited inspection from SACAA on our FNPT II sim took place over the week of the 9th to the 12th July.

Two inspectors inspected all facets of the opration: Quality Audit Manual and program, Human resources, MQTG, flight parameters, navigation, Instruments and RNAV.

They gave the final nod on Friday afternoon for the certification of the sim. ZP-013 AND ZP-014

Certification documentation will be received once SACAA has completed their internal processes. Expected at end August

The FNPT II generic simulator is based on the Beechcraft B55 twin and Cessna C172 single engine aircraft. Both models having the capability as IF procedural trainers with advance capability for RNAV.

With this then brings our flight school in-house fleet offerings to
6 Basic trainers
5 Advance trainers
2 Multi trainers
1 Simulator (SEA, MEA)


From left to right: Rohan Mulder SACAA Inspector, Enrique Naidoo SACAA Inspector, Hans Potgieter CTFC Quality and Safety Manager & Pierre du Raan Duravia Representative.