Alsim AL250 FNPT II

5 Hours towards the initial PPL and Night Rating (to be credited towards the initial Instrument Rating.)

20 Hours towards the initial Instrument Rating

25 Hours towards the ATPL.

3 Hours of training towards an Instrument Rating in another category.

Annual Instrument Revalidation check (PPL, CPL)

Aspects of the initial Instrument Rating skills test that cannot be conducted in an aeroplane, including one type of the required instrument approaches.

Aspects of the initial tests towards a GR I and GR II Flight Instructors rating that cannot be conducted in an aeroplane.
GR I and GR II Flight Instructors revalidation flight test.

10 Hours instrument time, including at least 5 instrument approach procedures and missed approach required for revalidation of an Instrument Rating lapsed for more than 24 months.

Instrument Rating recency (PPL, CPL)

Maximum 3 hours of the dual flight training may be acquired toward a multi-engine class rating.

Alsim AL250 FNPT II

The choices below indicate formal flight training options:

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